The Atlantik Wall In Normandy




On the cliffs to the east of the fishing port of Fécamp, the Germans made their presence felt. To the right of the port the first installation was StP 09 named Notre Dame du Salut, and this compose two type H612 casemates housing 75 mm cannons high on the cliffs. On the port level two 47 mm Skoda guns protected the entrance and a Type H630 casemate housing a heavy machine gun. Several machine guns in Tobruks completed the strong point, together with a lovely concrete sentry box.

There were two radar stations installed here, the Kriegsmarine installed a radar station using a V143 bunker of which only four were built in France. This was a Mammut FuMo 51 type radar mounted on top of the V143, it had a rang e 200 Kms, and was known to the Allies as "Hoarding" (Billboard) because of its size and shape.  A second radar of the type See Riese FuMo 214. The position was know as Fe 08 and was defended by two 20 mm anti aircraft guns. The second radar station employed two Seetakt FuMo 24 installations and was defended by 37 mm Flak guns. This site was coded Fe 07. The type 636 Fire Control Post directed six 155 mm captured French guns of the 420 type.

Further the east are two house like structures. These were for bombing aircrew to practice low level bombing raids guided by radar. There are similar stations to the east of Cherbourg (Mont Etolan) and also in Denmark.


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