The Atlantik Wall In Normandy



Azeville Stp 133 Map 1311O

WN134 FCP Stp 133 Batterie

The Batterie at Azeville was the first part of the Atlantic wall to be built on the Cotentin Peninsula. It was a "Blind" site, having no view of the sea. It always had to rely on signals from a spotter on the beach or signals from Crisbecq just down the road. Crisbecq had an excellent view of the sea. The gun site at Crisbecq was a later addition, but a fire Control Post was established there to serve this Batterie. The coordinates would have to be recalculated in each of the Casemates to allow for the position of the fire control post relative to each of the guns. This was done in the room to the right in each casemate. In later German Batteries the working of the coordinates was undertaken in the Fire Control Post. When first built in 1942, it had two Casemates, and under Rommel, this was increased to four. The two square Casemates type 650, are interesting as there are only four only examples of their type in Normandy and only sixteen others were built on the West Wall. They were painted to resemble the stonework of local buildings. The rounded Casemates across the road from the main site are also type 650 Casemates, but a later version with rounded corners. The internal layout of the two types of casemate are identical. The camouflage of the rounded 650 was just earth piled over the construction. This not only camouflaged it but the earth gave increased protection against incoming shells or bombs. The Casemates are relatively unique in as much as they are not totally open at the front but have a concrete wall about a meter high in front of the gun. The other special feature of this site is the tunnels linking the Casemates. Originally there were over 500 meters, but only 250 meters of tunnels are still in existence. The guns were 105 mm naval guns and were manned by the Navy. If fact they were captured French First World War (1914) Schneider ships guns, having a range of 11Kms. The site was also well protected by two anti aircraft flak guns of 37 mm, mounted on the first and fourth Casemates. Before the first Casemate was finished, the Flak 37 was mounted in a position just left of this bunker. There was also an extensive mine field and machine gun emplacements protecting the site. The site is now a museum and when the museum is closed only casemate No 3 is accessible

In September 2008 No 1 Casemate was re-painted in the camouflage colours from old photographs. For the 2009 season there will be a audio guide system in place with the tour in French, English and German


Stp 133 R650 x 4 -  R134SK - Vf2a x 2 - Vf7b x 2 - Measuring Posts - /SK -Vf/MG x 3 - Vf58c - 105mm K331 x 4 - 37mm Flak 36 Manned by 2?HKAR 1261

The Azeville Fire Control Post was to the situated south of the Crisbecq Fire Control Post and was a type 120a


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