The Atlantik Wall In Normandy



WN3 Beau Guillot Ex WN102  Map 1311E

WN3 was the next position south from WN5 which took the brunt of the American 4th Division attack on D-Day. It was just south of here that the 4th Division & 101st Airborne Division joined forces early on the morning of June 6th.

When the Germans installed this position it overlooked the estuary, but the bay has silted up leaving it someway inland. It is unusual to see all the elements that make up WN3 all positioned in a straight line.

Vf2A x 2 - Pz.T FT17 - MG 311 (f) - Ringstand 50mm - KwK 47mm Pak 181 (f) - 50mm KwK L/60


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